Another vending solution delivered

It’s not just drinks and snacks you can get from a vending machine.

Creative thinking from the team at North West Vending and Spontex Workwear came up with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) provision from vending machines.

The idea arose when a client wanted more control over issue and traceability of the PPE they issued; over who’s taking what, and who isn’t. With 500 staff on site, there was no real record of those transactions. The idea of using vending machines was a good one because they can be programmed to record every transaction.

Although the client was aiming to control consumption, cost wasn’t the main driver behind the project. The ‘main driver’ was, in fact, Health & Safety. Any workplace in which the issue of safety equipment is not recorded leaves itself vulnerable to claims.

Personnel are issued with a personal plastic card that delivers access to the equipment they need. In the future, the system could be expanded, using the same cards and the same ‘brain’ to control access to buildings, to provide cashless payment facilities in the work’s canteen: there are numerous applications. The cards could even be used for the purpose of staff ‘clocking’ on and off duty.

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