Another big step for European vending giant

N&W Global Vending said it has acquired Italy’s Ducale Macchine da Caffé di Sandei Ugo & C.s.n.c., “to strengthen its competitive position in the coffee vending machine category”.

Ducale has been manufacturing equipment for the hospitality industry since the mid-1950s as a manufacturer of coffee machines for bars and restaurants, Its move into vending began in the 1960s with coffee machines and progressed into other full-line categories. N&W Global Vending is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of full-line vending machines.

The European vending giant has been owned by Dallas-based Lone Star Funds since April 2016. Subsequently, N&W has been rolling up coffee vending machine manufacturers, beginning last year with Italy’s Saeco Vending and most recently, they acquired a controlling stake in Canada’s Cafection Enterprises, signaling an aggressive move into the North American vending and OCS markets.


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