A new player in the coffee shop market place

Paddy Bishopp and Scott Russell are two friends who share a passion for great coffee. Paddy used to own an award winning café and harboured a longing desire to roast his own coffee. Scott, a devoted coffee afficionado, used to work in London.  Their company “Paddy & Scott’s was founded in 2007 and is 100% privately owned.

“It really started off as a bit of fun”, says Paddy, “we bought a second-hand 2-kilo roaster and started slow roasting coffee over a real flame in Scott’s garage for family and friends as a way of winding down after work, it was great fun and really therapeutic”.   Before long they were roasting enough coffee to start a small company, hence the birth of Paddy & Scott’s.

They now produce 20 different types of coffee and supply over 400 outlets throughout the UK including some of the finest restaurants, hotels and trendy cafes.  Their coffee can also be bought in selected shops and supermarkets.

They have now moved into the workplace coffee shop market by opening their flagship café at B&Q in Dorset.  Their mission is a simple one, “to serve great artisan coffee at work. If you get the coffee right you’ll keep your staff and visitors on site longer, it really is a simple return on your investment.”  We can’t disagree with that!


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