3D printer vending machine makes objects to order

3d printing is a process that is readily available, though often takes a considerable amount of time to process and print, if ordering from a overly busy vendor. Recognising this problem, a team at the UC Berkeley campus in the States created Dreambox, a high-tech, one-of-a-kind vending machine.

What’s so special about this vending machine? It creates 3d prints from uploaded renderings that start the moment designs are uploaded, eliminating the lead-time many consumers often face when ordering from an online vendor or print shop.

Users interested in using Dreambox must upload their design to the cloud-based computing system installed in the machine. Uploaded renderings are then processed, printed, and stored in a locked drawer in the lower half of the machine. When the print is complete, users are messaged an unlock code which opens the drawer containing their 3d print model.

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