24/7 self-service workplace catering

Compass Group UK & Ireland has launched its new 24/7 food service concept in the UK, branded 24.  Driven by advanced POS software from MCR and powered by J2 hardware, the concept is equipped with innovative technology to manage payments and customer loyalty.

Nicola Morris, Managing Director of 24 commented: “There’s been a need for a revolution in workplace catering for some time to address longer working hours and greater employee diversity and preferences. Our new solution appeals to everyone, from fussy eaters to night owls.  24 can be a stand-alone, employee self-service facility or can complement a main workplace restaurant out-of-hours and for the majority of our clients, 24 is completely free.”

The concept has the latest touchscreen EPoS terminals embedded into the purpose-made kiosk shells together with a scanner, contactless card reader and receipt printer.  The whole operation can go live in less than 24 hours.

Much thought has been given to the ergonomics of selecting and paying for purchases and the design and colour of the bright LED screens guide customers to scan or select and then pay for their items.  This is usually via a contactless 24 card onto which they’ve already loaded funds, or an alternative is to use a contactless debit card.  Both card processes are integrated within the POS solution but the company advocates use of the 24 card “as it enables them to build a relationship with the customer, capture valuable sales data and drive value.”

The 24 management team makes use of daily and weekly reports from MCR’s portfolio. Information is generated for sales and financial analysis, some of which is posted into 24’s data warehouse.  “We have web-based access to real-time data to give us a constant snapshot of business trading,” says Nicola Morris.

Key to the overall concept is customising the product to reflect the client demographic and keeping it refreshed, and then personalising engagement to help drive loyalty.



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