Triple Chocolate – what’s not to like?

UK-based Fairtrade Beverage Systems has launched two new dispensing systems, both of which offer a choice of hot drinks.

The Triple Chocolate hot beverage system dispenses three branded Van Houten chocolates (white chocolate, Fairtrade milk chocolate and dark chocolate) and the Dual hot beverage system dispenses white chocolate and chai latte from the award-winning Drink Me Chai company.

“We are delighted to have partnered with two such prestigious brands as Van Houten and Drink Me Chai to bring these unique new machines to the UK market,” said Fairtrade Beverage Systems sales and marketing manager Mike Steel. “Some high street venues are already serving white hot chocolate and chai drinks, but sadly the quality and consistency is often lacking, as the drinks are made by hand and the correct gram throw of ingredients for the cup serving size isn’t used. With these new dispensers, the quality and consistency is guaranteed and a speedy service makes them perfect for our ‘grab and go’ culture.”


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