Touchscreen Interface For Vending Machines

US company AirVend is offering a touchscreen solution for vending machines. It is designed to enhance the POS experience and ease compliance with government product content disclosure rules.

Called the AV 7, the AirVend device serves as an eye-catching customer interface, and provides cashless payment options like credit card and near field communications (NFC) mobile payment acceptance.  It is wirelessly connected to AV Live, a cloud-based system that delivers real-time sales data, machine alerts, inventory tracking and additional information to the operator. It presently is connected through MDB; a DEX connector will reportedly be introduced in the next few months.

With simple over-the-air software updates, the AV 7 platform becomes “an extremely dynamic interface on a very static machine”. This connectivity permits the latest innovations from AirVend, such as advertising, loyalty programmess, promotions and new cashless payment methods, to flow to the machines, as they become available.

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