The untapped potential of ready to drink tea

Ready to drink (RTD) tea is one of the fastest growing beverage categories globally. In fact, it’s expanding twice as fast as other categories.

Beverage Partners Worldwide (BPW), the joint venture company between The Coca-Cola Company and Nestlé SA, responsible for marketing Nestea in over 50 markets, is taking full advantage of the expanding popularity of RTD iced tea.

A spokesperson from BPW explained: “There is huge potential for growth here. Interestingly, we know that just over four out of 10 people in our markets have even tried ready to drink iced tea, leaving a whopping half the population yet to sample it. Our experience in sampling for Nestea has shown us that there is a high correlation between sampling and conversion, which gives us extremely positive expectations for continued expansion.”

A number of drivers are behind this impressive growth, not least the impulse towards ‘naturalness’. Consumers are looking for healthier, more natural choices, and RTD iced tea fits perfectly into that slot, providing the strong antioxidant powers of tea combined with the purity of water.

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