Super-auto machines reach barista standard

There have been continuing debates in the coffee trade for several years over whether or not the most modern super-automatic bean-to-cup machines can produce coffee to the same standard as a human barista.  It is generally accepted that they now come very close indeed, and the newest machine development from WMF goes even further – it enables a skilled barista to quickly set an automatic machine to what may be an unprecedented degree of customisation, even for individual drinks.

The new machine is the 8000S, which allows a skilled barista to make detailed changes to any particular drink, probably faster than could be done manually, while at the same time allowing everyday staff to produce impressive drinks at the touch of one button.

The key to the new machine is the use of a new kind of highly-detailed touchscreen control, and partly through the use of three separate coffee hoppers.  This simply means that any single drink can, in a matter of a few seconds, be customised by the adjustment of type of coffee, or blend of different coffees from selected hoppers, by volume and temperature of water, and type of milk foam.

The controls which allow all this to happen are probably familiar to anyone who regularly uses a smartphone, in that the touchscreen allows for the ‘drag and drop’ of different settings, by the movement of a finger across the screen.

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