Spill proof drinking bottles – guaranteed

Are you tired of your kids spilling drinks in the car?  Paal Steensland, head of sales for the innovative closure manufacturer SmartSeal, says he has the solution.

The Flex28 has been in development since 2007. The technology involved is something that resembles a demand valve, like the ones you find in a scuba diving breathing valve. The valve is triggered by the slight under-pressure in the mouth while drinking from the bottle. The design features several important attributes from single-hand opening to a 180 degree hinged lid that stays out of the way when drinking.

The company has been surprised by the positive market response regarding the closures’ design. They thought they would promote their closures exclusively on the base of functionality, but people appear to like their sleak look. In fact, SmartSeal have actually almost received more awards for their design than for the technology.  However, the fact that the closures guarantee not to spill a drop fascinates the most.

SmartSeal closures are steadily gaining popularity worldwide and will soon be seen beyond Europe on new product launches in North America and India.

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