Self-Chilling cans cool drinks with the push of a button

Joseph Company International is going to launch the world’s first  self-chilling beverage can, industry-changing packaging with the potential  to reduce energy expenses at grocery stores while improving the consumer  experience. The can, which will launch under the brand name “West Coast Chill lets consumers  enjoy a cool drink without the need for ice or refrigeration.

The natural energy drink contains no sugar, caffeine, artificial colours or  flavours. It features award-winning eco-friendly Microcool technology developed  by the company, which uses CO2 reclaimed from the atmosphere and activated  carbon from a renewable vegetable source. Pressing an activation button on the  can drops the temperature of the beverage 30 degrees within minutes.

Special recycle bins will also be made so the company can reuse the cans in  an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. The West Coast Chill Pure Energy  Drink is due to launch at the end of the first quarter of 2012, at a price  comparable to other premium energy drinks like Red Bull.


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