Rollasole’s vending machine shoes

Rollasole’s vending machine shoes

Rollasole’s shoes from a vending machine.

Rollasole could be a classic Dragon’s Den pitch – £5 ballet pumps dispensed from vending machines in nightclubs. But before any millionaire investors have had a chance to put their hands in their pockets, founder Matt Horan has successfully tested the idea and is now set to expand across the UK and Ibiza.

The idea is ultra simple. When you are out having a great night dancing your toes off, you don’t want aching feet to cramp your style. So pop five squid in a machine and choose between small (size 3-4), medium (5-6) and large (7-8) in pink, silver or black. Out comes the shoe rolled up inside its own bag, uncurl the pump and off you go. Rollasole shoes have been tested in six Oceana and Liquid nightclubs in the UK and to Matt’s delight, have sold out. Now the cobbling company which offers comfortable convenience for partied out feet, is busy accruing vending machines and loads more club outlets.

The range was launched just over four weeks ago and Matt came up with idea in “a drunken moment of inspiration”. His girlfriend, he confesses, isn’t very tall and so loves high heels but doesn’t like the pain they cause after hours on her feet. He may, he tells us, apply for the next series of Dragon’s Den, “if I can pluck up the courage.”

You can also order Rollasole online for £5 a pair plus £2.45 p&p – all the pink ones have sold out, but more will be in stock soon. Should you wish to know more please contact us via email at – >

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