Retro machine prepares instant coffee like a Barista

Nespresso’s ‘Maestria’ machine is modeled after classic coffee house styles and inspired by the ritual of professional coffee preparation. It allows for a more hands-on approach by incorporating more brewing options, bringing the tools and handling of the specialist into the home to enable anyone to perfect their coffee like an expert.

Maestria uses cutting-edge technology, while retaining the much-loved noises, touch and movements associated with carefully prepared barista coffee. It features rounded edges, retro-style dials that allow cup length to be adapted according to preference, and a pivoting cup stand for changing the recipe type and size.

The ergonomic hands-on machine enables consumers to prepare coffee like a true expert. The steam pipe on the side uses an optimised air intake technology to prepare light froth with a creamy texture, which allows users to listen to the sound of the milk as it thickens, just like a barista. Maestria combines cutting-edge engineering with a streamlined elegance that nods to retro bar styles, and is available in red or creamy white.

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