PepsiCo pilots touchscreen fountain vender

PepsiCo is going head to head with Coca-Cola’s Freestyle. Pepsi’s new touchscreen fountain machine, a compact countertop touchscreen-enabled dispenser called the Touch Tower 1.0, kicked off its U.S. pilot this week.  The company has been testing the machine in Europe, Central America and the Caribbean since last year.

Touch Tower resembles a large iPad on a stand. It offers nearly 100 flavour combinations of up to eight brands and four flavour shots, and uses the beverage giant’s existing bag-in-the-box syrup system.

The prototype touchscreen dispenser is just the first in a series of equipment innovations that PepsiCo is exploring to enhance variety and flexibility and engage consumers, a spokesperson said.

Coca-Cola’s Freestyle fountain machine, which began its pilot in 2009, lets consumers mix and match more than 100 different flavours.

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