New smoothie and slushie vending machine

A new vending machine can prepare and deliver frozen smoothies and slushies at the touch of a button. The Quinzee from Nicevend Ltd. began operating in Israel last summer and is expected to make its way to the U.S. and other markets across the globe this year.

Nicevend chief executive Udi Klier said the Quinzee allows vending operators to automate frozen drink service through a freestanding machine. Klier says food and beverage brands could leverage the technology and the vending channel to expand locations for frozen drink sales. “Vending can now offer healthy yoghurt or natural fruit frozen drinks for schools, and ‘frappuccinos’ at universities,” he instanced.

The Quinzee offers a choice of up to eight frozen drinks, ranging from iced tea, fruit juice and energy drink slushies to yogurt, ice cream and coffee-based smoothies. It accepts coins, bills and cashless payments, automatically dispenses a cup and a straw, and then fills the cup with the patron’s selected drink in under a minute.

Frozen beverages are prepared on demand, in an instant, using Nice Vend’s “Flakes”- brand powdered drink mixes and bag-in-box syrups, developed specially for the machine. The Quinzee accommodates four 1-gal. bag-in-box syrup packs and four powder canisters that hold up to 9 lbs. of product. It has a production capacity of more than 250 9-fl.oz. cups a day. An automatic cleaning cycle is integrated into the machine, which is equipped with remote-monitoring technology.

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