New generation intelligent vending

TouchGo Technology Systems has announced the UK launch of its latest vending machine. The networked PC-based multi-purpose intelligent vending machine is a further development on TouchGo’s award-winning PC-based snack vendor.

A company spokesperson explained: “An aesthetically-pleasing design is complemented by an intelligent operating system – there are no MDB or legacy VMC boards in this machine. Instead, it is powered by a Windows 8 based operating system, which further extends the services offered and functionality of the machine”.

The new machine boasts several enhanced features, including a  42” high definition, multi-touch screen, full internet-based web reporting and real-time telemetry, networked Intel-based PC technology and QR scanner. Optional extras include a refrigerator unit and elevator soft delivery, contactless and card insert payment terminals (without pin), coin mechanism and smart phone based payment system.

Although it is the PC-based operating system that makes this machine unique on the UK market, it is the 42” touch screen that immediately grabs the consumer’s attention.  The screen can display all product information, including allergy and nutritional data where relevant. Multiple payment options are presented to the consumer to pay for the products and digital services offered through the machine.


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