New Bean-to-cup machine comes to the market

The Coffee Machine Company has recently announced the launch of the new Egro ‘Zero’ bean-to-cup machine.

The machine will suit medium and lower volume coffee service outlets and is versatile and multi-functional, allowing up to 16 different drinks to be programmed. Unlike other brands in this price bracket, the Zero has a patented stainless steel brew group. Being metal, it delivers a hotter cup of coffee with a richer, fuller crema. It has an intuitive user interface featuring a backlit keypad with capacitive Touch technology and a button which flashes throughout the brew process. It has an advanced boiler management system with two separate boilers, one for steam and one for brewing.

Available with either one or two grinders, the Zero is offered in a choice of models, with a steam wand for manual milk frothing or with an optional milk fridge for  the automatic delivery of milk based products such as cappuccino, lattè etc. There is even an option of one or two hot chocolate modules, which enables operators to offer a choice of dark or white chocolate or different brands.

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