Nestle lets fans pick the next Kit Kat flavour

Shifting its market research budgets to contests and games, Nestle is set  to launch a crowdsourced campaign asking its consumers to vote for their  favourite among four new flavours of Kit Kat Chunky; the bar with the most votes  will be permanently added to the Kit Kat Chunky roster.
Customers have been asked to vote for their favourite flavour  amongst  double choc, peanut butter, orange or white choc. By scanning  posters for the campaign using the Blippar augmented reality app, they can vote  for their favourite bar using their smartphones. As an added incentive, one lucky  voter a day may win £100.

Integrating geofencing into the campaign, customers who signed up will be  alerted upon arriving within a certain distance of a store with a supply of the  said Kit Kat Chunky variants, which will hit stores beginning January 23rd.

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