Meet MARV – the Motorised Vending Machine

MARV (Media and Advertising Racing Vehicle) is an electric-powered tricycle that dispenses confectionery, drinks and other refreshments in a special packaging designed to display advertisements.

The robotic tricycle can be custom-made into characters from movies or amusement parks or other corporate designs. They make their rounds in high-traffic sites where people gather, including stores, on city streets, airs and even on the beach.

MARV was launched in January during the world’s largest sweets and snacks fair, ISM in Cologne, Germany. It was such a success that afterwards movie companies, supermarkets, toy stores and breweries from all over the world wanted to have one.

The mobile vending machine uses Microsoft’s Kinect 2 system, enabling it to interact and even talk with customers. It has a 21″ or 46″ touchscreen on which they can order, view movies, print coupons, get discounts, play games or plug in their iPads. It enables payment through the Internet or smartphones.


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