Jelly Belly vending machine

The famed maker of gourmet jellybeans in the States is rolling out the Jelly Belly Bulk Vend Machine, which allows customers to create their own jellybean mixes. Modeled after the self-serve bulk displays in U.S. Jelly Belly stores, the vending machine uses five in-line vertical product magazines to stock inventory in bulk.

Jellybean assortments are vended for 2.5-oz., 5-oz. and 7-oz. portions. The Jelly Belly machine uses a payment system that validates cash, reads debit and credit cards, however, operators can equip the machine with their preferred payment systems.

Jellybeans are dispensed into a cup. The vending machine employs a “robot arm” to collect the product, and this mechanism is displayed behind a clear panel so patrons can view their selections and the mixing process.

When a vend is initiated, the robotic arm moves forward, backward, left and right, receives a cup from the turret and positions it under the correct cylindrical bin for filling. Once the order is filled, the arm delivers the order to the door where the patron can retrieve it.

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