Green Britain compostable cups

UK compostable food packaging company Vegware has launched its revamped Green Britain cups. The compostable 8oz and 12oz double-wall cups are lined with low-carbon cornstarch, not plastic, and feature a green Union Jack heart.

The cups are made in the U.K. from two layers of sustainably sourced EU board. The cornstarch lining has a carbon footprint 51% lower than a conventional plastic lining, quantified by Vegware’s Eco Audits for any order quantity.

“Our original Green Britain cup was hugely popular in summer 2012, with UK caterers keen to show their green credentials to international visitors,” said communications director Lucy Frankel. “We like to keep things fresh, and last year we discontinued the design. But our clients had other ideas and kept demanding it. We gave in and revamped the design, with the green flag now in a heart shape.

“With Vegware the UK’s 30th fastest-growing company, we see it as a celebration that the UK really does love all things green. And it’s a very pretty summer cup!”

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