Front-lift door saves counter space

US based company Wilbur Curtis Co. has brought on to the market a new “lift” door design for the Primo Cappuccino Generation 3 vending machine, enabling operators to place multiple units side by side without gaps for door clearance, saving valuable counter space in foodservice locations.

Offered in a range of sizes, and in 3 to 6 head configurations,  the drink dispensers merchandise soluble gourmet hot beverages with colourful graphics and tight control of product mixing to optimise quality.

Digital controls allow operators to fine-tune blending and dispensing functions for consistent results. Other features include pushbutton whipper-chamber cleaning – one touch releases a powerful blast of hot water into the chamber to rinse it for easy cleanup and reduced powder accumulation. A large-capacity drip tray and cup guide and highly visible yellow dispensing tubes assist customers in correct cup placement.


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