Fridge vending machine lets you buy food without waiting in line

The ShelfX Vending Fridge is a self-service machine that allows  customers to purchase products like beverages, fruit and sandwiches without  having to go up to the checkout. The company combines QR codes, RFID cards,  mobile apps and smart shelves to provide flexible food vending and inspire  further self-checkout strategies. Customers can use the ShelfX app (which stores  their account and payment information) to scan the fridge’s QR code with their  phone. This unlocks the door and lets them remove any items they want to buy. An  RFID-enabled XCard, which acts the same as the app, can also be scanned to open  the fridge.

The Vending Fridge knows the exact quantity and type of products that are  inside and figures out what the consumer removes from, or returns to, its  shelves. Through wireless communication, it then updates accounts and instantly  automates billing. All merchants have to do is keep the fridge stocked. The  system keeps track of stocks as they get low and sends monthly remittances to  shop owners with the revenue generated minus a fee that ShelfX keeps. The  Vending Fridge is aimed at hotels, retail stores, gyms, schools, libraries and  other locations where flexible food vending is needed.

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