Esfresco coffee system

Esfresco is described as a ‘groundbreaking concept’ that uses new technology to keep coffee beans fresh. It’s aimed at giving coffee machine manufacturers a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market, where capsule-based systems currently enjoy the most growth.

According to innovative design and technology consultancy Cambridge Design Partnership, Esfresco offers the quality and taste of freshly ground beans, while offering coffee choice for the consumer at point of purchase and at dispense time.

Esfresco’s design offers these benefits without expensive, disposable pods, and avoids the waste that they create.

The Esfresco system provides a range of original components, including a state-of-the-art storage system with an airlock, which preserves the quality of fresh coffee beans while allowing portion delivery and consumption.

The quality of freshly roasted beans begins to deteriorate after only 48 hours and degrades in a matter of hours after grinding. Esfresco’s technology optimises the coffee bean environment through minimising exposure to four key degrading factors:

  • oxygen
  • moisture
  • light
  • outgassing.

Esfresco-based concepts include a fully automatic coffee machine, a grinder and a standalone storage solution.

Research shows that we’re drinking more coffee at home than ever before. There are 100 million daily coffee drinkers in the US, and 60% of all US households stock fresh coffee beans. In the UK alone, the value of the in-home coffee market is expected to hit an all-time high of £976m by 2014.

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