Douwe Egberts liquid coffee machine

U.S. company Smucker Foodservice is expanding its office coffee service programme with the availability of the Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Coffee System.

For large offices, with 50 or more employees, Douwe Egberts’ on-demand coffee system uses freshly brewed coffee that is then concentrated and flash frozen. The bag-in-box concentrate is reconstituted with hot water and dispensed on demand by the cup or pot at the push of a button.

A variety of blends are available from light to dark, including Cafi-Lait, Kona blend and European dark roast.

Douwe Egberts’ liquid coffee system is said to produce 30% less waste than brewing roast and ground coffee, with one carton instead of 50 filters, packs and grounds. Smucker estimates that the system also reduces labour to one hour per week versus nine hours for traditional coffee pots.



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