Coffee Brewing System by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has launched its latest breakthrough, the Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System.

The commercial grade Keurig Bolt system offers users the ability to brew a 64oz pot of coffee in approximately two minutes, bringing the innovation, speed, convenience and quality that Keurig single cup brewing systems are known for to higher volume brewing.

“Keurig Bolt is a revolutionary step of bringing Keurig simplicity, quality and convenience to new away-from-home applications,” said Brian P Kelley, president and CEO of GMCR. “While driving Keurig single-serve adoption in and away from home remains a significant opportunity and priority, we recognise there are away-from-home consumption occasions where brewing in volume is preferred. By applying Keurig innovation to brewing a pot with Keurig Bolt, we will be able to capture those occasions and incrementally grow our business.”

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