Cantaloupe introduces Web-based Vending Management System

Cantaloupe Systems is offering a cloud-hosted alternative to conventional vending management system (VMS) software. Seed Office is designed to make back-office work more efficient through easy-to-use report automation for commissions, sales tax, warehouse inventory, cash accountability and asset management, among other data critical to running a vending operation. Seed Office works on any device with a Web browser, including iPads.

Cantaloupe said it can now give vending operators a choice to integrate with their existing VMSs using SeedSync, a customizable integration tool, or to use Seed Office instead. With Seed Office, Cantaloupe’s Seed Platform now delivers telemetry, analytics, cashless and VMS — making it the only fully integrated solution to manage a vending operation, the San Francisco company claims.

The Seed Platform has been installed in more than 70,000 vending machines by hundreds of operators, according to Cantaloupe. The company’s product management director, Justin Grant, explained that some operators who use Seed products encouraged the development of a management software component. “The result was Seed Office,” he said, “an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use solution that works with Seed Pro and Seed Cashless to manage all vending activities from a single Web browser.”

The Seed Platform gathers data from vending machines wirelessly over the Internet enabling “optimized scheduling” for maximum route and merchandising efficiencies. It processes real-time, item-level sales data. Seed also supports cashless transactions and mobile payments like Google Wallet. SeedSync, part of the platform, integrates collected data with vending management software packages, ensuring companywide information integrity. Seed Office is now available for operators who do not yet use a VMS or are looking for another system.

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