‘Cans’ of fruit from drink vending machines

In Las Vegas, Nu-Health International LLC, a new company led by two industry veterans, has created a line of fruit-in-juice, packed in a transparent can-shaped container that can be dispensed from any canned drink vending machine.

The see-through 12-oz. containers, engineered to display the fruit inside and facilitate eating on the go, come with a peel-off lid, attached folding spoon and snap-on resealable cap. The company has a patent pending for both the can and the sealing process.

Its current fruit-in-juice offerings are peaches, pineapples and mandarin oranges, along with two fruit cocktails: mandarin orange and pear; and pineapple, peach and pear.

“No one has ever developed, created and brought to market a product like this before,” said Nu-Health president Dmitry Sharin. “The Nu-Health products add healthy purchase options to machines that serve only sodas. They create additional income sources for every vending operator. Plus, they provide higher profit margins than sodas.”

Nu-Health has developed a range of marketing materials to help operators promote the new product to their customers.

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