Caffe Vergnano joins the trend for coffee capsules

As the trend for single-serve coffee capsules continues to develop across the world, and as more players continue to produce capsules which are compatible with the Nespresso machine, one of Italy’s most loyally traditional companies has made an unexpected move – Caffe Vergnano has not just created a capsule which fits the Nespresso machine, it has designed its own machine as well.

The Vergnano capsule machine is constructed to be functional and not so ‘designer-looking’ as the Nespresso. The system uses an interesting design which allows its capsules to be used in Nespresso machines, but not the other way round.

It is a “minimalist” machine – you can use it in a place with a five-inch gap –the capsules go in a little slot at the top, the spent capsules come out the front, and you can fill the tank from the top.

The company is now talking to hotels about this as an in-room machine.  The product has made a fast start in the UK.


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