Brewed coffee from a bag

Grower’s Cup, distributed by Rosker Ltd, is a durable lightweight bag filled with speciality coffee with each bag providing three cups of freshly ground coffee.

Danish designer Ulrik Rasmussen came up with the idea after studying teabags after running out of coffee filters for his home coffee machine. He has spent the last nine years developing the product, which has just been launched in the U.K., and says it could revolutionise the way we drink coffee.

Grower’s Cup is best described as a disposable French press. Inside the pouch there is a filter with 24g of freshly ground, speciality coffee. To brew three cups of coffee, all you need to do is open the bag, pour in half a litre of hot water and brew for five-eight minutes.

The unique brewing system preserves the coffee’s natural oils, enhancing the coffee’s delicate flavours and finer aromas that can only be achieved by using a French press. However, unlike the French Press, on pouring the first one-and-a-half cups the brewing process stops so the remaining coffee won’t become bitter.

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