Beverage company allows users to create personalised sodas

UFlavor is an  Indianapolis-based startup that brings consumers directly into the beverage  design process. The company worked with flavour  company Flavors of North  America (FONA) to create 42 ‘ingredients’ that can be mixed by users online,  down to the percentage of the ingredient the user would like. Users simply  select the flavours they would like to combine, refine the colour of the beverage,  choose a name and label, and the drink will be shipped to them directly. Others  can then order the same soda and the creator of the drink will receive a portion  of the profits. A rating feature on the site will help to determine the best  combinations.

As UFlavor continues to develop and expand past the prototype phase, the  number of flavours and levels of gradation will expand. In the future,  UFlavor plans to deploy vending machines. Users would be able to select their  personalised flavor combination or a combination created by another user, and  the beverage would be mixed and bottled on the spot. Beyond being a unique and  exciting venture, UFlavor brings the trend of user-generated content to an  entirely new arena.

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