A new edition to the kitchen alliances?

Could this be the next appliance to arrive in people’s kitchens? “Chill” is a customisable personal beverage vending machine which allows users to fill the device with their favourite refreshments.

The new machine can hold up to 72 12oz cans or 36 long bottles in its top vending compartment.  In addition it also features a pre-cooling compartment located below its top chilling segment. This bottom compartment can hold 60 additional 12oz cans or an array of snacks.

The manufacturers Hisense, have installed the device with four child safety locks – one for each beverage slot – which means users can control which drinks are accessible at any time. A wide selection of personalised, interchangeable front display panels can also be added to the machine; consumers can customise the display to include family photos, pictures of their favourite sports team or images of dream holiday destinations.


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