A French fry vending machine

The Dutch company Caenator has developed a new automated vending machine that dispenses French fries – freshly fried!

The machine, which is apparently soundless and odour-free, can produce a batch of fries in 110 seconds.  It has a freezer compartment capable of holding 25kg of frozen fries and has a very clever system that can weigh and hold a portion of fries ready to be cooked in a special refrigerated area. Then, once fried, they are lifted to the dispenser, while a double door separates the hot section of the machine from the freezer, sauces, and screen.

According to the company behind it, “caterers and bar and restaurant owners see the machine as a way to retain or increase their turnover. Public transport companies see the machine as a way to make waiting less annoying. For various budget hotels, it is a way to offer a service to their guests”.

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