A big step forward on coffee-capsule waste

A British-led initiative has made a significant move forward  in one of the biggest environmental subjects in recent years, the question of coffee capsule waste. The Marley brand now has the first ‘truly biodegradable’ coffee capsule, which is also edible.

The environmental impact of coffee-capsule waste is staggering – an estimated 28 billion capsules worldwide in one year, thus possibly putting up to 28 million kilos of aluminium into landfill. Apparently, one in three American homes has a capsule coffee machine.

It has already been widely reported that the inventor of the capsule concept, who expected the product only to be used in offices, has now said that having seen the waste impact of his product, he regrets creating it – today, he only drinks filter coffee!

Obviously, the concept of an ‘edible’ coffee capsule is to grab attention to the product – most of us would prefer a biscuit with our coffee – and is a clever way of highlighting that the product has extremely high environmental credentials. The only part of the capsule which is not biodegradable, but easily recyclable, is the film on top.


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