Vending Machine Let’s You Put In Potatoes And Get A Bag Of Chips

The Argentinian company Lay’s has decided to break the mold and show you there’s nothing to hide:  100% real potatoes, vegetable oil and a pinch of salt…..

Pablo Garcia, Marketing Director at Pepsico Alimentos., commented:

“This innovation at the point of sale not only reflects the spirit of the brand but also shows to perfection, from the experience, an intrinsic truth of the product. We’ve been working during these lasts months on a campaign focused on  the concept that Lay’s is 100% natural potatoes and this machine lets people experience this concept live, enabling us to influence the consumer in a key  place– such as the point of sale.”

The first Lay’s machine is already working in a Walmart in Buenos Aires and it’s not activated with coins but with real spuds. When you insert a potato the machine is activated and you follow the entire process from raw potato to a Lay’s chip: washed, peeled, cut, cooked, salted and packaged ready to pop into your mouth fresh and hot from the machine.

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