Vending machine dispenses hot meals, cold drinks and snacks

Californian company EatWave Vending is taking the wraps off a full-service vending machine that can heat meals, keep beverages cold and vend snacks. The glassfront combo has an internal microwave oven that uses the company’s Precision Cooking Technology to heat and dispense prepackaged foods in a minute or less.

EatWave’s gravity delivery system and adjustable product trays accommodate a wide range of product types and package formats. The company said its machine design has few moving parts and industry standard components. It is ADA-compliant and Energy Star rated.

“EatWave allows vending operators and locations to conserve space and energy by replacing multiple vending machines with our single hot and cold design,” said Andrew Preston, chief executive of EatWave Vending. “EatWave is perfect for office breakrooms, hotels, schools, airports and other locations wanting to offer a complete meal for people on the go looking to grab a quick bite.”

EatWave’s optional VendCheck software allows for online remote monitoring of machine sales and inventory data and allows operators to modify settings, change pricing and monitor temperature and fault conditions from their computers.


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