Tilly Miss – Recycling and good business

Tilly-Miss, the expert in retrieving used golf balls can be found on various golf courses daily, we do our early morning walk through the woodlands, and return again late afternoon, early evening to collect the vast number of lost golf balls.

So many golf balls are lost and most golfers discard them without bothering to find them, add that all up it is a lot of money being wasted.

We take each golf ball and sort them in to various brand name, we check each golf ball for damage, and finally wash each ball in a formula we developed, 18000 golf balls sold without complaint is not a bad recommendation, we have very good repeat business from the UK to Europe and good relations in Ireland who buy golf balls and golf vending machines in huge volume.

Retrieval of lost golf ball is not an easy task, tilly-miss will go in to thorn bushes to find that beautiful coloured golf ball, tilly-miss will forage through any barrier for the pearly white, if she has a bad day I am left to gather what I can, bending and crawling, cuts to my arms and face thorns ripping through your boot cutting your foot, I am so glad I am not a dog, but it is all in a days work for us.


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