Thirst Link on the look-out for what’s new for the HoReCa market

EVOCA has recently introduced two new machines for the HoReCa market which, in our opinion, look pretty smart.

The Krea Touch is indeed a good-looking machine, created by “a subtle fusion of decorative lighting, chrome and black gloss”. It has a user-friendly interface and a 7” HD touch screen shows the consumer a comprehensive drinks menu, as well as allowing on-screen branding and customisation. It also has the capability to play videos, both in stand-by mode and to accompany specific drinks selections.

When things go wrong, the machine has a built-in wi-fi feature which, when connected to the Internet, can be set to send an email alert if there is a machine fault.

EVOCA’s second new machine is the Necta Kalea, which the company is marketing as their answer to having “an authentic, Italian coffee experience, complete with fresh milk”.

As with the Krea, the machine appears to be both user and operator friendly and it too boasts a 7” HD touch screen and video capability.

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