The Venta Coffee Tower – a flexible solution

Nebrak, one of the UK’s top companies in vending surrounds, announced the launch of its award winning Venta coffee tower. Combining theatre, innovation and practicality, the Venta coffee tower leads the vending industry into new markets. The Venta is the first hot drinks tower to accommodate any type of tabletop machine from any manufacturer.

The Venta’s machine flexibility enables vending operators, facilities managers and catering companies to select the tabletop machine of their choice to suit their client’s requirements without compromise. The Venta can even accommodate tabletop machines that include fresh milk, beans, and also cashless payment systems.

In trials, Nebrak claims that the coffee tower has already been proven to increase hot drinks sales. “Its design eliminates consumer bottlenecks, maximises customer throughput at peak demand and minimises drink vend time. We have carefully planned the ‘drinks journey’ on the ‘Venta’– a smooth left to right passage from drink vend to selecting accompaniments means that drink service flows efficiently and swiftly,” Paul Howard, MD of Nebrak explains.

The LED lights create atmosphere and impact. In addition top to toe graphics drive traffic to the facility. Finally, in-built LCD screens can display company news, product information or offer more branding opportunities.


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