The MicroMarket – is it the ultimate automated retail solution?

Our food and drink culture has changed over the last decade, and with it consumer expectations of both vending technologies and vended products have arisen. Having the right product available in the right place at the right time is now essential.

So, is the answer the “MicroMarket”, which is effectively a 24/7 unmanned self-checkout small shop, designed for vending/foodservice operators that can offer fresh food and beverage alternatives to vending in your workplace?

These could change the vending industry as we know it – an industry that has arguably not kept pace with the evolution of technology – and become the new standard for innovation within the industry.

MicroMarkets may be a cost-effective and healthy replacement option to your existing vending solution. Tailored to a specific work environment, they are revolutionising the vending, foodservice and hospitality markets, providing superior technology and ultimate flexibility in customisation and branding into the future. They could substantially increase sales revenue and net profit, customer service, and employee satisfaction, all while decreasing operating costs.

The team at Thirst Link are eager to learn more about this new exciting development and will be attending the seminar on MicroMarkets at Vendex on 10th November.  Hopefully we will understand from our American cousins, who are the leading authority on the subject, just how it works and how our own clients could benefit.

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