Quality coffee control app for iPhone

Coffee company Paddy & Scott’s has developed a specialist iPhone QCC App that the company says will ‘revolutionise’ the way its artisan coffee products will be monitored in future.  The App is designed to allow Paddy & Scott’s national account managers to carry out regular 55-point quality control checks in outlets selling its coffee, or using any of the bespoke Paddy & Scott’s machines.

Using proprietary photo integration and auto-scoring software, common problems such as dirty steam wands and grinder settings can be recorded, scored and reported back to HQ within seconds. It then generates instant fixes to common problems and sends warning messages to sites where scores consistently fall below par.

Co-founder Scott Russell said: “We now serve over 450 outlets in the UK, from large corporates such as Virgin Atlantic and Barclays Bank to small, trendy, artisan cafes, but monitoring consistency is an issue across all sites, especially when using traditional espresso machines.

“This App allows our national account managers to carry out multiple QCC checks in one day without needing access to a laptop or, most importantly, time to compile the report post visit.”

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