New Vending Machine dispenses free Wi-Fi signal

We all know Japan is the land of the vending machine with intelligent vending machines, eco vending machines and now thanks to Asahi  Beverages a new Wi-Fi service vending machine. The drinks manufacturer  announced yesterday that it will roll out a brand new machine that along with  providing the usual beverage choices will dispense free wi-fi signals to anyone  using it within a 50m radius.

The company looks to roll out 1,000 next year and up to 10,000 more in the next  five years. Users can connect to the free wi-fi with any wi-fi receiving device  including smartphones, tablets and games consoles. As well as browsing the  internet, the home page shown to users on the network will display local shop  and restaurant information around the vending machine location, product  information on the drinks the machine holds and original content and tourist  information. Each user can connect for a maximum of thirty minutes before having  to reconnect again, and the router wil be capable of handling multiple devices  at once.


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