Nespresso joins forces with Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless has revealed that Nestlé Nespresso has selected Sierra Wireless to provide a machine-​to-​machine (M2M) cloud platform and hardware solution to provide connectivity for Nespresso coffee machines used in restaurants and offices.

The solution, developed on the AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform and using the AirLink GL6100 programmable modem, allows Nespresso to excel in the dedicated professional services it provides to its business customers.

The solution enables Nespresso to deliver extended after-​sales services by ensuring that the machines are maintained in excellent condition; that they operate at the optimum pressure and temperature to produce the highest quality coffee and that customers are well-​supplied with their coffee of choice, according to the company.

Sierra Wireless led the work needed to deploy and integrate the M2M solution, while working in close collaboration with Nespresso and Orange Business Services, a global communications solutions provider, which provides wireless data network services for the coffee machines worldwide.


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