Mobile coffee shop powered by a bike

Two recent graduates of the Royal College of Art in London have developed an ingenious and sustainable  vehicle for selling coffee on the street.

Velopresso is “a celebratory fusion of human power, sensory pleasures and  technology” — old tech with hi-tech, bicycles and coffee, their engineering and  aesthetics. The result is an innovative pedal-powered mobile coffee-making  machine for off-site selling of quality espresso — fine coffee, no electricity, no motors, no noise.

Based on a custom fabricated trike frame, the Velopresso operator can seamlessly  switch between gears that either power the trike or drive the coffee grinder.  For now the hot water is generated via a portable boiler powered by a small  gas canister. The pair are exploring ways to convert the waste coffee grounds  into ethanol to further close the recycling loop.

The graduates have already won awards for the Velopresso including recognition from the famed  Italian design house Pininfarina. The hope is that the prototype can be refined and eventually produced.

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