Micro markets – the future of vending?


There is no doubt that our food and drink culture has changed over the last decade and consumer expectations of both vending technologies and vended products have risen.



The relatively recent arrival of the “micro market” to the work place has provided the consumer with variety and convenience. A micro market is effectively a 24/7 unmanned self-checkout small shop, designed to offer a range of diverse fresh food and beverage products in a pleasant environment.

Thirst Link has seen some impressive examples of micro markets and how they have evolved over the years and, for some of our clients, they will be just the ticket. Each one can be tailored to a specific work environment, offering a highly flexible retail solution and, at the same time, the client will enjoy increased sales revenue and employee satisfaction, at decreasing operating costs.

They do away with the age-old question of how and what refreshments to provide a workforce out of hours, that is more appealing than an indifferent cup of coffee and a bag of crisps. Wasted working hours queuing at a nearby fast food store will also be a thing of the past.

From the articles written by our American cousins, micro markets (or “breakroom markets”) are revolutionising the vending and foodservice markets, or are they?

We know some UK operators have bought into the trend, but we haven’t seen the meteoric “rise and rise” of micro markets as they seem to be seeing in the States. Is the UK vending industry missing a trick here, or are we just slow to catch up?

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