Make a cup of coffee from your bed – just by texting

Cloud texting company ZipWhip  has created an espresso maker that can take orders simply via an SMS. The  TextSpresso is a hack of the Jura Impressa XS90 coffee machine. The innovative  coffee maker is able to brew a cup of hot beverage when the user sends a text  message to the specific phone number. In addition, the model is able to print  the drinker’s name onto the foam using edible ink, before placing the cup onto a  warming tray.

Unfortunately, ZipWhip won’t be commercialising this clever device so you  won’t be seeing it anytime soon at Starbucks or your local coffee shop. Instead,  ZipWhip will continue to focus on its primary business model that lets users  send and receive text messages on their computer using their existing mobile  number.


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