Maggots and vending – surely not?

Maggots and vending – not good!  But then think of fishing bait. A fly, specially bred as the parent of our fishing bait, lays its eggs on liquidised meat and fish. Five to ten days after hatching the maggots are drinking only liquids at which stage they pupate for 14 days. After the first day or so the pupae is of no use as fishing bait: it now floats rather than sinks.

Development of the maggot can be retarded for up to six weeks by refrigeration. Hence English coarse fisherman can buy maggots (natural shade or coloured) from “Mag-it” vending machines. A leading brand of soft pellets (for carp, tench, roach and bream) is now available in “Mag-it” vending machines. Instructions for their use are on each machine.The machines are usually stocked with white, red and mixed maggots,
and you can find “Mag-it” bait at over forty locations in the East of England, usually near to popular fishing spots.

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