Loyalty Cards reward Coffee fans for being disloyal

Coffee shops around the world have employed loyalty card schemes for many  years, but now we’ve come across an interesting twist on the idea. In Singapore,  a collaborate scheme aims to benefit eight of the city’s best independent cafés  with the Be Disloyal disloyalty  card.

The Be Disloyal disloyalty card — created by digital creative agency Antics and eight of Singapore’s  independent coffee shops — was designed to encourage consumers to discover  different coffee venues while bringing businesses together to grow as a  vertical. From September until the end of this month customers can pick up a  disloyalty card from one of the eight participating cafés. The card is stamped  each time they purchase a coffee from one of the other seven cafés and, once the  card is full, they return to the original café to receive their free coffee.

Competing with large chain brands can be difficult for small businesses, but  teaming up with similar smaller companies can create stronger competition.  Inspiration here for independent businesses in any industry!

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