Intelligent vending

At a trade fair last month Intel and vending operator N&W Global Vending presented the first prototype of a vending machine using the new Intel retail gateway for intelligent vending.

The Internet of Things (IoT) – described as “a vision of ubiquitous connectivity”, in which data can be shared regardless of whether a screen is involved – has become a powerful driver of business transformation.

Intel claim that the IoT will address the significant costs and complexities traditionally associated with retrofitting the large amount of existing vending equipment that is not currently connected, managed or secured.

The IoT integrates multiple computer workloads, for example, vending machine controller, touch screen, telemetry, digital advertising, payment and transaction management, as well as simplification of integration with back office applications.  Intel say that “this then enables vending machine manufacturers and vending operators to focus on innovation, reduce development time and investment risk while differentiating themselves by moving to a powerful PC-based platform”.


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