Innovation is on the rise

Today’s retail environment can be significantly enhanced with digital technology for payments, monitoring of demand, and customer communications.

Not all of us “love” technology but in a swiftly changing world we do value speed and convenience so, if something is easy to use, we will use it more regularly.

Electronic payment systems have shown in many situations to boost revenue from vending machines – cashless, Apple Pay, credit/debit cards are all examples. Staff ID cards can have multiple uses, not just as a payment method but also a means to monitor transactions, which can then be linked to loyalty programmes to encourage increased buying habits.

Telemetry can capture consumer data and be used to offer users promotions, discounts and special offers and of course the vending machines can then become interactive, connected and smart.

Placing digital TV screens across the work sites and the use of social media to communicate with visitors and staff, are examples of good practices where catering teams can post details of relevant menus and offers and gather feedback on the quality of food and service.

We have specialists in our team that can advise on this challenging and frequently changing area, as it’s important to put in place the systems that are appropriate for a client’s workplace and that all parties can enjoy the benefits on offer.

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